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Stonehenge From Afar


I recently visited the Stonehenge landscape. I went inside the stones for the first time, walked from Stonehenge back passed the Cursus Barrows and Fargo Plantation, an exploration of the Visitor Centre and then on to to the Winterbourne Stoke barrow group. I then visited the King Barrows. There are further walks you can take around the Stonehenge landscape: managed by the National Trust.

En route, I took some long-distance zoom-shots of Stonehenge and its immediate environs. These photos (below) reveal some key points about Stonehenge’s landscape setting. Everyone is obsessed about access to the stones themselves, and seeing them up close is indeed an experience. However, you can appreciate so much about the monument from a distance by appreciating its broader landscape context:

  • The landscape around Stonehenge reveals a complex story of activity from the Mesolithic, and monument-building, ceremonial activity, settlement and farming from the early…

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