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Things that go bump in the night at Salisbury Guildhall
Strange noises heard at Salisbury’s Guildhall whilst restoration work is being carried out have encouraged stories that the building is haunted.

Salisbury Guildhall

Salisbury Guildhall


Those working at the centuries-old building in Market Walk in the city have reported unexplainable knocking and rattling sounds.

The building has long been rumoured to be haunted.

The Guildhall of today is the fourth such building to occupy this position within the City of Salisbury.

The first Guildhall dates back to Tudor times, when it was known as “The Bishop’s Guildhall”.

Then, the building was under the control of the Bishop, from where he exercised his feudal rights of criminal and civil justice.

Civil War

Salisbury was relatively isolated from the Civil War but there were a few occasions in which skirmishes took place. One such incident took place at the Guildhall in March 1655.

The Cavalier Colonel Penruddock’s rebels stormed the building and kidnapped the Assize judges and the High Sheriff of the county, and freed the inmates of the gaol.

This building is steeped in history and it has seen some things in its time and I imagine there’s one or two people still left in there who should have maybe left a while ago
Claire Burden, Salisbury City Council

It is said that the sounds of gunshots and screaming have been heard in the building ever since.

Salisbury City Council’s business manager, Claire Burden, who is overseeing the £1.3m renovation of the Guildhall said: “The building has a lovely friendly atmosphere but other people have come in in the past and said ‘oooh there’s something in here’ and now our builders have reported hearing rattling doors and creaking floorboards and all that sort of stuff in there.

“This building is steeped in history and it has seen some things in its time and I imagine there’s one or two people still left in there who should have maybe left a while ago.

“They’re all welcome to stay. It’s part of what keeps this building wonderful and what keeps people interested in it!”


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