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Why a guided tour is an ideal family vacation.

Taking the family on holiday can sometimes be a real balancing act.  If there are a range of children’s ages and interests to take in to consideration, not to mention the desires of the adults in tow, conflicts can sometimes arise.  Everyone gets excited about holidays and expectations run high – so what is the best way to make sure nobody is disappointed?  One option is to book a family guided tour to explore and learn more about the holiday region.  This may not be an immediately obvious idea, but there are many positives to recommend this often underrated type of excursion to families who are travelling together.

Give yourself a break

Holidays are supposed to be restful, but more often than not parents find them exhausting.  A guided tour hands over the reins to someone else that will entertain, animate, and direct proceedings for a while.  It is often the case that children absorb information far better from those other than their parents andthe enthusiasm of tour guides could inspire a real interest for the history and legends of the area in them.

See places off the tourist trail

Guided tours enable the less obvious sights of the area to be seen.  One of the main advantages of having an expert guide introduce the area is that they will know how to avoid the busy times when tourists flock to the big attractions.  They can help minimise the hassles that most people experience when travelling in unfamiliar areas and maximise the pleasure of the group.  Sometimes they will be able to negotiate price reductions for entrance fees to attractions.  There will be no arguments over map reading or the satnav sending the car up dead end lanes; the tour guide will know the area like the back of their hand and will be keen to extol its virtues.  They will be familiar with great places for lunch like the picture postcard pub with roses around the door, serving ploughman’s lunches outside at a garden table and chairs overlooking the West Country.  They will tell funny tales and give interesting facts that make the surroundings come alive.  They will have the inside story on the local area and with this privileged knowledge they will make the day unique and special.

Strengthen family bonds

In today’s modern world families increasingly spend time interacting more with computers and gaming devices than they do interacting with each other.  A guided tour offers a family the chance to bond by providing a shared experience likely to live on in their memories for a long time.

Weather proof

The weather in the United Kingdom is notoriously unreliable; however, most guided tours will not be too affected by rain.  If a day on the beach is ruled out by poor conditions, why not keep warm and dry on a guided tour of the region by minibus or car?

Do something different

Sometimes we are guilty of doing the same things year in and year out while on holiday.  We are comfortable with going to the same places, doing the same activities, and seeing the same faces.  By pushing the boundaries and doing something completely different, who knows what amazing new discoveries we could make?

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