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SO MANY Japanese tourists are descending on one of Britain’s most

Station manager Teresa Ceesay with one of the signs in Japanese yesterday.

Station manager Teresa Ceesay with one of the signs in Japanese yesterday.

picturesque regions that the local station has put up notices in their native language.
The signs welcome the visitors and direct them to buses, taxis and hotels in the Cotswolds and even tell them where the toilets are.

They were put up in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, by station manager Teresa Ceesay, who noticed Japanese visitors constantly asking staff for directions.

Ms Ceesay, whose station boasts the title Gateway to the North Cotswolds, said: “I’d noticed a lot of Japanese people getting off the train and looking a bit puzzled.

“They’d ask for directions in our ticket office but we only have one member of staff. It’s only a few signs but it means a lot to people.”

Chris Dee, who manages tourism in the Cotswolds for Gloucestershire County Council, said: “The Japanese are wary about driving here, so the train is very important and Moreton is the main stop.”

About 50,000 Japanese people are estimated to visit the Cotswolds each year. Almost a quarter of a million visited the UK in 2009, boosting the country’s economy by an estimated £30.4million.

Japanese-born Juri Miyawaki, who owns Juri’s Tea Rooms in Winchcombe, Glos, said English culture fascinated many Japanese people.

She said: “Many Japanese ladies come here because they’re so interested in England’s baking heritage and getting recipes.

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