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The Banksy of the river: Elusive artist’s latest work appears by a quiet countryside waterway.  Crossover graffiti artist Banksy has unveiled his latest work next to a quiet countryside waterway

Firstly, if I was the editor of the local paper, my headline for this piece would be:

“Tales of the River Banksy”.

The artwork appeared in February 2012, but this great little secret has taken a little time to surface. Still today I am not 100% convinced its the real deal, maybe because Lyme Regis seems a very distant, quiet little place for a Banksy piece to appear, but then it makes the perfect location, as it takes a while to surface…

The meaning… well your guess is as good as mine, but I like the idea it symbolises the birth of a child.

I won’t give away the exact location, although the cover  was blown on twitter a little while ago. I will just say “its by the river in Lyme Regis”…

Coincidently there are lots of rats that swim across the river just at this point, and I see them daily. So maybe that helped to inspire the location, following Banksy’s famous Rat characters…

Another great reason to visit Lyme Regis…

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