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Want to be one of the few people to walk amongst the inner stone circle at Stonehenge? Stonehenge-close-up-access-tour (38)

For those of you who have not visited Stonehenge, we should mention that the complex is roped off. Visitors observe the stones from a distance and are not permitted within the Stone Circle which can be somewhat frustrating. Our special access tours from Bath or Salisbury allow you to be amongst the stones at sunset or sunrise “A Unique Experience!”

Enter the inner circle – Go beyond the fences…… 

We can often arrange with English Heritage for you to experience a unique visit to this ancient sacred site – beyond the fences & after the crowds have gone home. Walk amongst the stones & experience the magical atmosphere within the inner circle.  There will be time to enjoy the peace, away from the crowds, as we experience Stonehenge at its most mystical and atmospheric best. Not to be missed!   Tours Depart from Bath or Salisbury

All our special access tours can be arranged either early morning (sunrise time) or evening time (sunset) and you can choose to depart from Salisbury, Bath or even London

Don’t worry if your accommodation is in London, its very easy to get to Salisbury or Bath from London by train and the trains run till late so there is still time to get back to London last thing.

Please visit our website for further details: http://www.HisTOURies.co.uk

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