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Time Team itself may have gone, but there’s still plenty of our history left for Tony Robinson to explore. I first misread the title of this TT special as Britain’s Stonehenge Tsunami, which would have been truly eye-opening, but this is still fascinating. Eight thousand years ago, there were no arguments about Britain’s links with Europe: we were still physically tied to the continent by a vast area of land, now known as Doggerland, that was home to a sophisticated population. But a tidal wave and catastrophic flooding destroyed a vast strip of our island. Britain_s_Stone_Age_Tsunami

New research is revealing just how much devastation it brought to the land and its people.

About this programme Tony Robinson reveals new evidence that shows how a huge tsunami swamped the east coast of Britain 8,000 years ago, and explores the lives of those it affected. For years, these Mesolithic communities were thought to be primitive hunter-gatherers, but through archaeological excavation, Tony discovers they were living comfortable existences in their own houses, with varied diets and sophisticated skills. Scientists take him on a virtual journey through the rich landscape of Doggerland – the area of dry land that connected Britain to Europe – which was destroyed by the wave and persistent flooding

Review by: Gill Crawford: http://www.radiotimes.com/episode/wvpjn/britains-stone-age-tsunami

Watch it on Channel 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/time-team-specials/episode-guide/series-8/episode-1

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