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Volcanoes Pose a Threat to Aircraft Safety

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The most feared damage to planes is volcanoes and the resulting smoke. The smoke emerging from the volcanoes can damage the air frame and the engine of the plane because it contains many small rock particles and glass. They can fretfully choke the modern avionics. The volcanic smoke can polish the wind screen of the plane completely as a result the pilot may lose visibility.

If we peep into the history of volcanoes and plane crashes we would come to know that this interaction took place almost 80 times in the air crash history. The damages caused by the volcanic clouds resulted in taking lives of more than 500 people in two Boeing 747 flights. These historical reasons are the base of delaying of flights in Northern Europe, as the volcanic clouds have surrounded Iceland and other areas today causing the passengers to wait.

The presence of volcanic smoke in the troposphere causes the jet engine to cease entirely and leaves the passengers and the pilot at the mercy of air. The fear of volcanoes has doubled with the increase in the air traffic. The figures say that air traffic is increasing at a rate of 5 percent per year. On the other hand the uncertainty attached to the volcano eruption has added fuel to the fire

*Travel Compensation
“London Travel industry praises Histouries UK for excellent customer service”
Unlike many unscrupulous London tour operators we have refunded all customers in FULL if they were unable to join any of our tours due to flight disruptions at UK airports this past week and we will continue to offer ‘half price’ sightseeing tours to those people stuck at airports and unable to fly home.  We hope the situation improves soon and we look forward to welcoming those clients who will be arriving later this week.

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