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The finest medieval Cathedral in Britain and the tallest spire inSpire Britain – 404 feet

For over 750 years pilgrims have come to Salisbury to seek inspiration in the glory and peace of the building and surrounding Cathedral Close. Whether you come to worship, to marvel at or climb up to Britain’s tallest spire, to be awed by the beauty and scale of the cathedral interior or to study the original Magna Carta in our Chapter House, we welcome you. June Osborne, Dean

In addition to our regular tours we can often arrange ‘Cathedral tower tours’ for private groups.  Why not join a ‘Stonehenge Special Access’ and a Cathedral tower tour?

Tower Tours
Enjoy spectacular views as you explore the roof spaces and tower, climbing 332 steps in easy stages by narrow winding spiral staircases to reach the foot of the spire 225 feet above ground level. From here you can see up into the spire through the medieval scaffold, and from the outside you can look over the city and surrounding countryside.

Tower tours cost £8.50 for adults, £6.50 for children/seniors and £25 family (2 adults + 3 children) which includes a donation to the Cathedral. Scheduled tours run at least once a day for 11 months of the year (subject to daily conditions).
We also run tower tours for private groups, for more information, please contact –  email: trips@histouries.co.uk)

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